Finetuned library


I would like to write down here my suggestions for library view as an everyday cross-platfrom Infuse user.

I am really looking forward for iOS library, but would be good if it can be perfected on ATV as well.

First, as others mentioned there should be an option to jump into the library on startup.
On the other hand library could jump right into the Movies or TV-shows depending on user preferences from settings, and sorting options, thos are available now in the main category, could be invoked by swipe-down gestures on ATV remoter, just like on the playback screen.

So app would start to Movies or TV Shows, and sorting could be achieved from the top of the screen, as a scrolldown menu, or if scrolling back to the top. It would be good, instead of another menu item, just to implement on the top.

And switching between Movies and TV Shows and other uncategorized items could be switched on the top as well.

I saw similar implementation earlier, when tested different tvOS Apps.

Something similar to this implementation would be good: