finding purchased or rented movies

is there a way to find the purchased or rented movies somewhere on the drive so i can convert them and back them up? I noticed when I rent movies or buy them, there is a download that starts. Is it downloading to the hard drive? and where.


More than likely you can find it in /mnt/Media/ The problem is Apple purposely makes it hard to find anything in there to make it hard on people to “recover” the music and videos. Hopefully you can go in one by one and see what the file extension is to differentiate music from video. You can use Fugu to easily go through the folders.

Fugu? i pretty sure i dont have that. info?

also, when i go into the apple tv through cyberduck, im not sure im seeing everything. appletv.local frontrow… is there a root directory or another one i can access?

Sorry, you can get Fugu here. With either Fugu or CyberDuck, they take you into the frontrow user folder and you should be able to go to the root of the drive “/” . From there you should see a mnt folder and inside there a Media folder.

I just tried CyberDuck and it is because it uses FTP by default. Fugu uses SSH which allows you to get out of the frontrow home folder. Download Fugu and use that instead, I’m pretty sure it is free to use.

I just downloaded it and im having trouble connecting. My settings are below.

Connect to: appletv.local
User Name: frontrow
Port: 21
Directory: / and frontrow. tried both.

What am i doing wrong? It works in cyberduck…but not in fugu

Sorry, left out one thing. Under Advanced options, choose Force SSH1. My bad. :oops:

its still not working. i checked all settings and it just spins… works in cyberduck

Sorry, I think you have to leave Directory blank. This is what mine looks like:

ok im in. i had to do your settings plus the appletv.local

I see the rental section but theres no movies. I know my rentals are up. do they delete themselfs?

Here’s the text from Apple’s website.