Finding metadata for a movie

So this is the first I ran into this issue. I have a movie “10x10” and it is not finding it. I have it labeled as 10x10 (2018) and there is nothing in the edit metadata that pulls to match. I even tried 10 x 10 with no luck. I looked on moviedb and I have the name right. It seems it keeps trying to throw it under tv shows. So since I couldn’t find it the auto way thought I would just make a xml for it and add the cover manually for this movie. Even though in the xml it states “movie” it is still sticking it under TV Shows. What can I do to get this to pull up in movies?

The only way I could find it was to name the file “10 by 10 2018” and it found “Love by the 10th Date” and then I did the edit metadata and 10x10 2018 was the second choice. I couldn’t find it with the original named file and editing metadata it kept coming back as nothing found.

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This worked perfectly. Was a weird one to make work but this worked out. Thanks a ton.

Glad to help! Just wish it was a bit more of an eliquent solution. I my attack this one again later to try and get it without both renaming AND searching to find the correct metadata.

This is a case when the film name ‘10x10’ happens to match one of the patterns used to recognise a season/episode number of a TV series and is therefore being considered as a TV episode rather than a film. By changing the name to ‘10 by 10’ it is at least recognised as a film so the Edit Metadata option displays films rather than TV series.