Finder Restarts When Using External HD

I have a 2TB external drive connected to my aTV and have been using aTV Flash for almost 2 years with no problems. Recently, whenever I click on nitoTV and navigate to my external hard drive, finder restarts and takes me back to the main screen. The drive mounts fine on my MacBook Pro, and I’ve run disk utility on it, which tells me the drive is fine. It’s also a pretty new drive (3 months). Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks for your help!

It may have accidentally been marked as a photos folder.

You may try highlighting the drive, pressing the right arrow (>>) to bring up the options menu, and choose to make/unmark as photos.

I have the same problem. On what screen do you do this?


I saw “Mark/Unmark For Photos” and inside it was:

Playlist Mode OFF

Playlist shuffle OFF

Playlist repeat

Does this mean its unmarked for Photos? Is there any other reason why my ATV will restart everytime I choose a movie from my list in Nito TV?

Does the issue occur when selecting a folder, or the actual movie?