Finder reboots on rewind of .avi files

Whether the avi. files are on my ATV or being viewed via a network (SMB or AFP), since upgrading to v 3.3.5, the ATV Finder reboots when I hit the rewind key after watching the file for awhile. This has never occurred on previous versions. I recently upgraded to 3.3.5 from 3.3.1 so I don’t know which version might have started this problem.

Anyone else seeing this or have a fix? Is it a Nito problem?

that was Jun25
today’s Dec13 - and i still have this problem too.
even happens with supposedly fully QTcompatible .mov files. happens with SD & HD files.

It is a nitoTV problem. The best solution is to use the ‘Files’ menu for AVI file playback.

Nope, it’s a Files and Nito problem. I just updated to 3.4.3 with the latest Files and Nito and I still have the problem. When I rewind an .avi file, whether it’s on a network, AFP, connection or stored on the ATV, the Finder still reboots.

This did not used to be a problem. I don’t recall when it started but I had it w/ version ATFlash 3.3.5 and since.

At least one other person has seen this…any others?

What type of files are contained within the avi file. We’re not able to reproduce the problem here.

I have the same problem with 3.4.3! It crashes and goes to the Apple logo when I try to rewind in either ATVFiles or NitoTV

I had the same problem. Solution for that is that you stup mplayer to play video files and not quick time and/or mixed. That solved my problem.

I am having the same problem using Sapphire. My Apple TV is v1.0. No problem until I upgraded ATV Flash to 3.5.1. Are previous versions of ATV Flash available to download and use until this is fixed?

I have the same problem with the latest version of ATV and PatchStick. Could someone from ATVFlash team update us on this issue and when it will be solved? The fact that I can not rewind any of the AVI files is very inconvenient. Thank you.

We’re looking into this issue to see what can be done.

In the meantime you can rewind in QuickTime by pressing the rewind button once. This will skip back 20 seconds or so.

Sorry for the trouble.

Just to confirm, I have the same problem - and it occurs in ATV files, Saphire, and NitoTV - across 3 AppleTVs - though it seems to happen intermittently (even in playback of the same media). Just when you think it’s safe to REWIND…crash :-/

Still, I’m wondering why there are not more posts on this subject?? Surely it’s not just a few of us that find the lack of a dependable REWIND function a major inconvenience?

same problem.

I’m having the same problem with v2.4 from Apple and aTV Flash 3.6.1. Happens every time.

Same problem with my 3 ATV (2.4 / 3.6.2).

Any update on a fix?

I have the same proble using aTV 3.6.2 ? Is there a solution for the moment ?

What the what? The idea of paying for a software package is to ensure that it works. It is not like an obscure menu function is not working - It’s REWIND! That’s one of the key functions of any media/DVD/CD player.
If I wanted to “f” around with settings, install files, etc. I would of gone the free way. I thought “time saver, frustration saver, just get it done” - Not so much.
Get it together and patch the problem, if it’s software that you can’t fix i.e. NitoTV - then stop advertising that your package supports, installs and runs NitoTV - BECAUSE IT DOESN’T!

Hi there!
The problem lies in the current AppleTV distribution. It occurs in every app using the libraries removed by Apple (nitoTV, sapphire etc.) and probably is a wontfix. The atvflash-guys can´t do nothing about it as long as nito doesn´t figure it out. You are paying for the compilation of apps not for the apps themselves. You would have the same problems with atvusb (which offers the same for free btw. :roll: )

as already stated, the problem does not occur with formats supported out of the box. XBMC has its own playback framework and doesn´t need Apple´s. Guess it would work there. But to be honest, rewind has never been a killer feature for me :stuck_out_tongue:

as already stated, the problem does not occur with formats supported out of the box.

Not true; as others have stated, this problem occurs with videos watched from Files as well. I am experiencing the same problem. It’s crazy that this problem has gone on for so long…

Out of the box the AppleTV only supports m4v (mp4) files. These do rewind in third party apps. Roll back to Firmware 2.1 and you are fine.