Finder reboot problem with Firefox

I have the current version of ATVFlash and all of the other programs like Nito, etc. I am having a problem in Firefox, in that whenever I load that application, it is fine for maybe 30 seconds or so, and then the finder reboots. Firefox is still running in the background as evidenced by the fact that I can go back into the app and it is still running whatever was in the browser when the reboot occurred. If I play a streaming video in the browser and leave the arrow curser in the video window, as opposed to off to the side somewhere, the reboot does not seem to happen. Sometimes I have to try this twice, but it does seem to prevent the reboot. Regular browsing or just leaving the browser idle does not seem to work. It is almost as if the system doesn’t see anything happening and just goes back to finder. Can someone help with this?

This is a known issue, and will be corrected in the next version of aTV Flash.

Sorry for the trouble.

Yes, I received your email response as well - thank you. I removed the loop pointer option and now FireFox seems to work OK. One more question, though…Streaming video through Firefox is choppy, like lower frame rates than 30 or even 24. It gets a lot worse the larger I make the window. Full screen is not watchable. In the normal screen, video not smooth like it is on my iMAC, but quite watchable. Is this a software problem with any of the ATVFlash stuff, or a processor problem with the Apple TV? Can it be improved? Is full screen streaming video through a browser on ATV just going to be choppy?

Unfortunately the poor performance is due to the AppleTV’s limited processing power.