Find subtitles without metadata


I noticed that the subtitle search doesn’t work if there is no metadata available. So for example, if I turn off metadata fetching in in the settings, it’s impossible to use the subtitle search, which is a shame.

Would it be possible to use the filename to search for subtitles, if no metadata is present? That would be awesome!

Infuse currently uses the IMDb number, which is added when fetching metadata, to match titles on OpenSubtitles and trakt. Unforutantely these things will not work properly with metadata fetching disabled.

Thanks for your reply James!

Surely, OpenSubtitles’s API allows the search to be performed by name as well? It would just be a fallback situation, of the imdb number is empty, search by name instead.
Anyway, there might be some technical difficulties i’m not aware off, but I just wanted to clarify to make sure you understood my request :slight_smile: