Finally Installed!!!

After a bit of stress I finally have TV Flash working on Black Apple TV 2

I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6

Jailbroke it with the latest Seasonpass and Installed the latest TV Flash software

Woo Hoo!!!

How did you do it? Can you send a Tuturial? My email is I have been pulling my hairs out for the last few days to get it to work. Thanks alot!

Skip the Seas0n Pass jailbreak. I did it 3 times... it doesn't do squat... either that or it's not saving the .ipsw file anywhere that makes sense and I'm just updating my Atv2 with the original file... got fed up and used the pwnage jailbreak instead... worked like a charm. Make sure to save the ipsw file onto your desktop for easy access.

You can find it here.



SeasonPass worked fist time for me with no issues