Finally i downgraded from 5.2.1 to 4.3. What's next?

Thank god i downgraded to 4.3 after a while. Man, i made the same mistake as everyone else and didn’t notice about the tethered version (5.2.1) I’m so gled i saved the blobs. Now i really like to know if i still can jailbreak to 4.3 or higher? Thanks in advance.


You answered your own question… you need saved blobs to up/downgrade to any version except the latest.

Which thread did you follow to achieve the downgrade to 4.3? Also, is the 4.3 untethered? Thanks

4.3 (iOS 4.3 - 8F455) is untethered


How to do it:

  1. You MUST either already be on 4.3 to jailbreak or have the saved blobs for this. If you’re NOT on 4.3 but have the saved 4.3 blobs skip step 2.

  2. Use latest Seasonpass. Right click and choose save blobs.

  3. Use latest Seasonpass. Right click the create ispw and choose 4.3 as the version

  4. Seasonpass should do the rest for you… if it doesn’t, use that newly created file to shift restore in itunes in order to jailbreak

So i’m on 4.3 now and can’t JB this because i never ever had this JB before. This is a new Atv i bought and it was all sealed up. Isn’t there anything i could achieve to JB this or some later version except for the tetherd 5.2.1 version. This is really a pain in my ass.

Downgrading the ATV version is one thing, however jailbraking requires you to have the SHSH blobs.

When you say you have a new ATV that you purchased, where did you purchase it from?  Apple?  If it’s new from Apple, you have an ATV3, and unsure if there are methods in which to JB ATV3.  Most of the instructions here are regarding ATV2, but I could be wrong given I don’t own ATV3 myself.

There is an exception to the “must have SHSH blobs” rule, however it only works with ATV2 to my knowledge, and requires you go to 4.4.2 with a tethered boot.  You are welcome to check the post here and see if it works for you.

Good luck.

That’s not accurate. You don’t require the SHSH Blob to jailbreak, it is necessary to downgrade/upgrade. You can jailbreak any ios that is currently loaded on your ATV, assuming its Gen 2 and that IOS has a jailbreak available (5.2.1 - tethered, 5.2 - untethered, ETC)

Obviously you should only be on this section of the forum if you have a Gen 2 (MC572x/x) due to the fact Gen 3 has no jailbreak.

To jailbreak, seasonpass has a new feature that allows you to select your IOS version by right clicking the “Create IPSW”. Please read instructions before proceeding, It may update your ATV TO 5.2.1.

Hope that helps.

Not to tit for tat, but this is not what I was mentioning.

You do require shsh blobs to JB, except in a few cases where the presigned and JB ipsw will install, for example one I mentioned.

For 5.2.1, apple is still signing it, therefore you get the shsh blobs and apticket from apple. So you can JB the current release… Tethered.

Outside the current issue with the ATV3, you cannot successfully JB a current release on the atv2 for tethered releases. The tools for that like provided by ih8sn0w only work for untethered releases.

Those talking about the 5.2 release for example (upgrade/downgrade) works for those who used iFaith from before, they stored the blobs for 5.2 with apticket automatically for the user and they can go to an untethered 5.2 release in that case.

For the rest not up/downgrading, what you are doing with those tools are dumping the blobs from the current release (which should be an untethered JB - again 5.2 is a good example) loaded on the atv2 so you can JB it. Thus requiring the blobs again for the JB even if you are not upgrading or downgrading.

Either way signing the JB release must be done as it uses iTunes for the final step. Perhaps I completely miss what the new SP does with iFaith integrated, but the whole point of JB to reinstall the same release but will require blobs from all the procedures I have seen.

Correct if I missed something, but blobs are not related to upgrade / downgrade alone.

Well i tried to jb the 4.3 release but without any luck. I’m getting the critical error message by seas0npass. No other possibilities?

Think the real issue for you my friend is you have an apple TV 3rd GEN.   As far as we’ve seen on any forum posts, the current JB methods do not work on ATV GEN 3.

If you bought your ATV brand new from a store, it’s a GEN 3 device unless it says otherwise.

EDIT: well honestly looks like some programmer folks did find a way to JB it, however can’t confirm it’s legitimacy. So look around the other forums if you can program a bit.
However one thing for sure, SP currently doesn’t support atv3 unfortunately for the moment.

I don’t have an atv 3, but an atv 2. I have downgraded from 5.2.1 back to 4.3. I can’t really find away go jailbreak it. I bought this new in an sealed box through ebay. It’s not an atv3. I really can confirm it.


Get iREB and put it into DFU mode, then run seasonpass, at the part where it tels you to put it into DFU mode just wait and it will identify it and continue from there.

It’s pretty simple. What is the model ? Settings > About

If you’re having trouble jailbreaking it, this forum is all over the map for an accurate answer. PM me if you want to actually fix it.