Finally got it working - but now i have no access to original apple content?

I was under the impression that I would be able to still rent movies in iTunes and stuff? Got XBMC working. Everything installed all is good.

But Tvshows, Movies etc is not working at all.

Also I have no settings menu.

The one I have which says settings just reboots apple tv completely...

Any thoughts anyone?

I’ve got the same problem…

Which tool was used for the jailbreak?

You may also check to ensure your country is set correct in the Settings --> General --> iTunes Store menu.

This just happened to me too.

Jailbroke with Seas0nPass, installed aTV Flash (Black)

Worked for an hour or so, then after a Lowtide restart, Movies, TV Shows and Netflix were missing…

Checked iTunes store is set to US.

Any suggestions?


EDIT: Of course, the minute I posted this, I switched wireless networks (from my regualr to my 5GHz) and it’s all back… (Not sure wifi had anything to do with anything, but that’s what I was doing at the time)