Finalizing afp from NitoTV/Boxee -> Desktop

I have been installing and setting up NitoTV, USB Storage and AFP on my ATV. All has gone great thus far. I have one last issue I hope someone can help me with.

AppleTV appears on my home network shared volumes
The EXT HDD appears inside the AppleTV
afp (and smb) are “on”

If I mount AppleTV on my desktop I can drag and drop to my “frontrow” folder, but if I try to drag and drop to my EXT HDD I get the following?

“Operation could not be completed because you do not have enough access privileges”

I would like to gain access privileges to this drive.

Thanks for any feedback,


I tried using Cyberduck via sftp to check and change permissions. The volume is set at 755, I tried to change it to 777 and was not allowed do to insufficient privileges.


If you are running the latest 3.5.1 version of aTV Flash, the external drive will appear as a shortcut in the ‘frontrow/Movies’ folder. This will give you access to the external drive via Cyberduck of AFP if enabled.

I can see and play files from my external HD, but not through nitoTV. I have to goto Files/Places/HardDrive or access though Sapphire. How can I access the external HD through ftp. It will log on but I cannot seem to find the external. I was able to do this in version 3.5.