Filtering out closed caption subtitles

It would be so great if infuse could filter out close caption parts of subtitles. I watch a lot of english movies and I’m not a native speaker so I watch with subtitles. But I am only interested in the dialogue, I’m not hard of hearing so I don’t need to subtitles for music that plays or other sounds. And most movies only have CC subtitles. all CC specific subtitle info seems to be in brackets so it would be really great if infuse could have an option to filter out anything that is surrounded by brackets.

I know i could just try to download other subtitles, but I want to watch with the original subtitles minus the cc info. The best thing would be if the appletv could filter them out globally so they would disappear in netflix, disney prime etc, but the second best solution would be if you could add it to infuse.

Most suppliers that provide subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing also provide subtitles only in the same file. If you have a video that has subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing only then your best option is to download the subtitles only file. It’s pretty fast in Infuse.

Not sure if it’d be a good idea to circumvent SDH features when it’s covered by allowing for other subs to be downloaded.