Filter TV-series/movies by production company (Netflix, HBO and so on)

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Filter TV-series and movies by production company like Netflix, HBO and so on…

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You can find this information in the show/movie in TMDB so I think a filter like this could be added.

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I added mine, I’d very much like this TMDB-sourced info visible and the ability to build smart collections (i.e. filters) based on it.

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Here was a similar request:

Here’s an example of four different categories of series details (aka “Facts”) available on TMDB, all of which I’d love to be able to filter my collection by:

Status: (Returning, Ended, Cancelled)
Network: (HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)
Type: (Scripted, Documentary, News, Miniseries, Reality, Talk Show)
Original (Spoken) Language: (English, or, I Need Subtitles)

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Nice, thanks FL :slight_smile:

Those filters would be awesome

”Status: (Returning, Ended, Cancelled)”
That’s pretty awesome.


Title says it all. It would be cool if we could sort TV Shows by Network in addition to the available options. A Plus if the network logo is also included.


Is it possible to display on the page of the movie poster wall, in addition to the movie introduction, which TV network produced the movie? If possible, can filter by TV network be added?


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I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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