Filter TV-series/movies by production company (Netflix, HBO and so on)

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Filter TV-series and movies by production company like Netflix, HBO and so on…

Doable? :slight_smile:


You can find this information in the show/movie in TMDB so I think a filter like this could be added.

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Awesome :slight_smile:

I hope it get more likes. :innocent:

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I added mine, I’d very much like this TMDB-sourced info visible and the ability to build smart collections (i.e. filters) based on it.

Here was a similar request:

Here’s an example of four different categories of series details (aka “Facts”) available on TMDB, all of which I’d love to be able to filter my collection by:

Status: (Returning, Ended, Cancelled)
Network: (HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)
Type: (Scripted, Documentary, News, Miniseries, Reality, Talk Show)
Original (Spoken) Language: (English, or, I Need Subtitles)

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Nice, thanks FL :slight_smile:

Those filters would be awesome

”Status: (Returning, Ended, Cancelled)”
That’s pretty awesome.


Title says it all. It would be cool if we could sort TV Shows by Network in addition to the available options. A Plus if the network logo is also included.