Filter $RECYCLE.BIN Folders

Is there a way to exclude the System Volume Information and $RECYCLE.BIN Folders when adding an entire drive as a favorite? I have a couple of drives shared and added them as favorites since there’s multiple folders on the drives with media, but the System Volume Information and $RECYCLE.BIN hidden folders are showing up in Infuse.

Thanks in advance.

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Infuse 5 pro@Apple TV 4K and a NAS running Windows Server.

Some of my movie collections have a sample folder aside the movie file, and Infuse thinks it is a movie too. Is it possible for Infuse to ignore all sample folders?

Same thing happens to all video files I have deleted and sent to recycle bin. Infuse lists them all in the library. Better have them ignored as well.



I already ask but don’t have response…


Hello James, recently I discovered a little problem about infuse and the recycle.bin folder. After I deleted some files using the windows system from my library, Infuse was still displaying these deleted file. Infuse will look into the recycle.bin folder and displays the files and it will also play these files like normal.
The files will appear in a different name :
For a file name ; video123.mkv it will display $12zv23uvt.mkv.
And all files name will look something like that.
Is there a way to stop infuse from looking into the recycle.bin folder
Thank you

The 7.5.4 update now correctly handles (ignores) Recycle Bin folders when indexing.

Thanks for your patience.

Good news, thank you…

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