Filter by video resolution

Whilst not a “top shelf” feature, it would be very nice if the Library supported the ability to filter by resolution.

This would allow users to view their movie collection according to the following filter: 480, 576, 720, 1080 & 4K (+8K) !!!
You could bundle the interlace and progressive formats in with each other so as not to complicate it.

The ability find and play 4K movies quickly is very handy for people with large libraries.

Keep up the great work Firecore team.


Couldn’t agree more !

Implemented for 5.8.4. :slight_smile:

Filters will be: SD, HD, Full HD, and 4K.

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Is there someplace we can see the ranges of resolution that fits each category?

Also, is this a prequel to getting multiple versions for non plex users? :wink:

Thanks so much James. So Full HD = 1080p and 1080i. HD = 720, SD = less than 720 ???

I’m wondering where 480 and 360 and a few other oddball resolutions fall into. That’s why I asked for a bit of clarification. Maybe when it’s released they’ll give the specifics.

Here are the category thresholds we are using.

  • 4K: width >= 3800
  • FHD: width >= 1900
  • HD: width >= 1260
  • SD: width < 1260

Just curious, why base the categories on the horizontal dim when all the industry standards such as 480, 720, 1080 all refer to the vertical?

I’m a neophyte when it comes to this stuff so the horizontal dims are alien to me.

Generally, video specs are based on the vertical pixel height of a video, but in many cases this can be misleading.

For example, a standard 1080p video is 1920 x 1080. However, often times when remuxing these people will opt to crop out the black bars, which may leave you with a video that is 1920 x 818 or so. This is still a Full HD video, and when played in Infuse it will appear exactly the same as it would if the black bars were still present.

For this reason, using the width is usually a more reliable way to determine the actual video quality.


Sounds good. Just please keep the technical metadata the way it is currently with the 1080, 720, etc. :slight_smile:

None of that is changing, but we will start using 4K instead of 2160p.

Works for me, just make sure to future proof things and leave room for the upcoming 128K format. :wink:

Thank you for implementing this, makes it very easy to find 4k videos :slight_smile:

However, videos which have not top and bottom but left and right black bars cropped (e.g. 4:3) are not sorted into Full HD even if their vertical resolution is 1080. Their detail page still correctly shows them as 1080p.

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