Films deleted in itunes will be deleted on the ATV. Stop ?

I use my external HD as primary storage for my ATV. I got many Seasons Passes and have quite some stuff in itunes but evrything would be too much for my hd on my macbook.

I want to have all tvshows and films on my atv but everytime when syncing items which are no longer in my itunes library will be deleted on my atv as well. any way to stop this ?

(don’t want to use nito because it doesn’t display cover art etc.)

I tried copying the films (itunes bought) on another external hd and than adding the film to my itunes library without copying the content to my macbook hd. When I disconnect the external and sync again with my atv itunes can’t find the copied files and then deletes the files on the atv too.

any way to stop this mysery ? sucks !

Nobody ?

Unfortunately when syncing via iTunes, the files will need to be stored in 2 placed. On the host computer and on the AppleTV. Files not present on the computer will be removed from the AppleTV.