Film covers corrupt

Good day,

A one-year Infuse Pro user now. Completely satisfied except one small issue.

If happens occasionally that I have a new movie and the metadata is now working.
It is a corrupt picture / cover.

Also when you go to change and look up the movie and you’ll find it it will not be changed with a cover.

Does anyone recognize this? Can you change this manually or add a cover?

and maybe this will be more easier with Infuse on my Mac in the future?

Greetz, chiellie76

Welcome to the forum!

You can add your own poster if you like by naming the jpg file with the movie name.jpg as outlined here.

What do you mean by corrupt? Wrong movie or just not the poster you want?

Hi, not the poster I want. You don’t see anything.

Can you provide the name of some of the movies that are not giving you a poster?

Hi for example Bigfoot family, Onward, Lassie, Playmobil the movie

The problem is still here.

Anyone with a solution?

Sorry I didn’t get back to you.

I’m seeing several posters for the movies you listed. Can you provide examples of how you have the files named?

Do you have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option enabled in Settings?

If enabled, try this.

  1. Disable Embedded Metadata
  2. Locate one of the affected titles, and select the Edit option
  3. Re-select the correct movie title from the list
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