Film covers are in the wrong language

Almost all Jerry Lewis film covers are now in English instead of German. My girlfriend and I don’t find our movies anymore or only with difficulty.

I don’t know yet if more films are affected.

Before I deleted all Meta data because covers were missing.

First thing you’ll want to do is check on TMDB and see if they have a Poster in German. They went through a short time back and did some major changes in their poster database.

Can you provide the names of a few of the ones you’re having problems with?

Don’t delete your metadata yet.

The English covers have just been replaced by German ones.

When I opened the folder with the movies again, the covers suddenly flipped and were replaced by the right ones.

So the problem solved itself.

Before that I looked at and picked out the one movie I could remember for sure that it has an English cover.
There is also a German version at TMDB.

After the covers were flipped in infuse, this one and almost all others were in German again.

Thanks a lot anyway!


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Hello, @NC_Bullseye,
Now my girlfriend and I were going over the covers again.

These movies had German covers before.

On TMDB these covers have been deleted and are only available in other languages.

There are also German covers for these movies, but still the covers are displayed incorrectly:


If you still have the German covers you can re-upload them to TMDB and label them as German as long as they meet the size requirements. It’s real easy to join if you’re not already member.

Just don’t upload one that really isn’t in German and just label it as such they frown on that.

They had removed a few covers I still had copies of so I just re-uploaded them under the English language.

Okay, thanks!

Some covers are already in German on TMDB. Nevertheless they are displayed in English in Infuse…

On those that have German posters have you tried doing an edit metadata and re-selecting the correct choice? This should refresh the artwork and as long as you have German selected for language choice it should download that one.

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