Film/concert mix


I had to reset my Apple TV 4K.

When I started Infuse, I added a share with my NAS (Synology) but when I looked in the settings I saw two shares: Server & Server (SMB).

I guess tvOS had a backup. Anyway, I deleted a random one but it wasn’t the right one.

The new share has the following favorites:

  • Video/Movies
  • Video/Series
  • Video/Concerts
  • Video/Lives

Problem, when I go to the movie shortcut, the one from Infuse, the concerts are present.

Any ideas? Thank you!

If you’re starting from zero again on the ATV you don’t have to add shares manually, as long as you had iCloud sync turned on once you load and start Infuse you can just leave it running and it will sync your shares from icloud. It may take a bit but it will, I usually just launch the new copy of Infuse, click on the settings and go to the Library settings screen and you should see a message on the bottom left saying something like syncing to iCloud.

It make take a bit but then your library movies, tv shows and others should start populating the numbers above the messages on that screen.

If you’ve already re-added the shares you should be able to just delete Infuse and reload it and start fresh.

I thought about it but I thought maybe the iCloud backup was already overwritten.

So I went to the settings and in library I unchecked Concerts & Lives, everything seems to be fine.

Now, is this normal?

Not knowing for sure what you had to start with and what you deleted it’s difficult to say if that’s “normal”.

If you’re where you want to be now then I’d just call it good. :wink:

I have the same thing, it’s just that I don’t remember having to uncheck those two bookmarks so they don’t get mixed up, I like to understand.

But yes, as long as it works :vulcan_salute:t2:

Well if one of those shares you had connected to on the NAS was connecting via DLNA that would not play well with the library in Infuse so the SMB share is the way to go.

You may want to make sure you haven’t duplicated shares from the NAS since that would also take more time to process things twice.

If you have these four favorites with just the SMB share you could probably delete the other one.