Filetype not allowed

I recently upgraded to Infuse 5.3 - I was running Infuse 4.3.6 previously and had both versions installed simultaneously to transfer files off the old version to the new version.

I’ve been able to upload mkv files via browser and play them back, however, I cannot upload iso files or any VIDEO_TS folders, with the error message indicating “Filetype not allowed”.

Please excuse me if I have missed a setting or configuration within the application. Through search I couldn’t find any support articles regarding “Filetype not allowed”.

Device is iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 10.2.1

This was an oversight on our part when ISO support was added - sorry.

In the meantime, you can transfer ISO files via an FTP app (Cyberduck, Transmit, etc…) or set up a network share to download them directly (tap the small down arrow on the ticket to initiate a download).

Thank you sir.

FTP worked just fine. I think I actually prefer using an FTP client now to transfer files…