Files with AC3 track only & 3.4.4 update

Did the 3.4.4 update fixed the known bug causing the files with AC3 tracks only not to play any sound in 2.3?

I am currently using 2.1 with 3.4.3 update on my ATV and I am able to play movies with only an AC3 track.

By the way I have a way to encode files with multiple AC3 tracks and be able to play the track I want.
I open the original m4v with multiple tracks in Quicktime. And there I all the audio tracks but the track I want and I save the files as a reference sequence aside the original multitrack movie. I repeat this step for every track I want. Then On my ATV I play the reference file of the language I want.
This work fine on 2.1 but not at all in ATV 2.3 and ATVFLASH 3.4.3.
Has this been fixed in 3.4.4 ?