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I use my iPad very different to my Apple TV in that most of the time I am using infuse on the iPad I am playing stored files only while on daily commute) and with latest version I seem to have lost the beautiful poster artwork that previously dominated the screen and now with only half a dozen series stored on the device itself I end up with the 6 nice thumbnails and the rest of the screen either plain ugly grey or ugly grey thumbnails that point to library folders that are not available. Is there a way to switch the files view back to the previous large art with a row of thumbnails that scroll at the bottom?

The upcoming 5.5.1 update will allow Library to be enabled (with large fanart on home screen) when using only local files. We’re hoping to have this available within the next few days.

That’s awesome! I may have seen that somewhere else but didn’t understand the response but looking again at this latest version and the library view that is exactly what I was after. Thanks, looking forward to the update.

5.5.1 (just released) now includes Library for local files. :smiley:

I have updated to 5.5.1 and the large fanart on home Screen is working, but i have stored 20 Files local. I can see only
a few files (11) with fanart, and fanart is cropped (sometimes to much) on Ipad Mini 4

No luck here, updated but still no fan art for local files view on iPad.

Fanart is available while browsing through the Library home screen, and when tapping an item to view the ‘ticket’ details page.

How can I set the FILES view to be the default when Infuse launches on my iPad?

In this version you can’t, hopefully to be changed in an update. So slow and clunky to get to the files on the iPad now, presumably because of the library view updating every time you start and we still haven’t regained the fan art / large poster view when using files. Fingers crossed the next update resolves some of these issues. Even the Apple TV app got worse with the last update with it taking forever now to load and display the folders and files from the library. The good news is once you start playing a file it does a brilliant job.

This has been added for the upcoming 5.5.3 update, which is scheduled to be released alongside iOS 11 next week. :slight_smile:

Excellent. Thanks for the fast reply. Looking forward to iOS 11 on my iPad even more now :slight_smile:

Is there any way to only see the library on the appletv? I have added a lot of favorites and the library is always placed far to the right so I have to scroll.

Br Christer

Yes, one option for this would be to hide (not remove) your existing folder based favorites. This would leave you with just the Library icon on the home screen, but you can also add favorites from Library categories.

A bit more info on the options can be found here.

Thank you!!!

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