Files tab is slow / stutters

I have Infuse (as of today 6.2) installed on my iPad Pro 11 with iPadOS 13.1.3 (tho this issue first appeared on iOS 12.x as well), and while the Library tab, the search tab and the settings tab all function normally, and playback of files seems ok, the files tab is slow to respond to any scroll or touch to open a folder or go back a folder, or pretty much any interaction…

I have approximately 29 folders, and no files in the root of Infuse - the various folders contain anywhere from 3 - 30+ movies… inside each folder seems fine - scroll and selecting a file is normal, but clicking Files to go back to the root stutters and is slow, and scrolling in the root is almost impossible… It doesn’t matter if I’m in Grid or List mode - same symptoms…

Has anyone seen this, know fo a fix / work around?


Hmm, are these local folders you have on your device, or are they being streamed from somewhere?

Does updating to iOS 13.2 change anything for you?


Local folders - well local folders with local files in them - 13.2 didn’t seem to make any performance differences… the issues is more pronounced in landscape mode, rather than portrait, but still noticeable in either…

Thanks. We’ll take a look into this.

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Same problem for me. I have a few folders of local files. I tried uninstalling the app but it made no difference. When I added all the files back it was still laggy. Hope you find a fix soon.

Same with me, scrolling through local folders with files too sluggish to use.

Tested with iPad Pro Gen 2 and iPad Pro Gen 3 using iOS 13.2 and Infuse Pro 6.2.2. All sluggish scrolling for locally saved folders.

Been working with support on this issue for a while now. Hope we see a fix soon.


A number of improvements in this area have been added in today’s 6.3 update.

Please let us know if you continue to see any issues.

Confirmed 6.3 fixes issue.


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