Files outside the Library are on the Home screen - in progress TV series only

I have two sources on Infuse - one to use at home (direct FTP) and one to use while away (Emby server)
Both have exact same content inside, as they monitor same folders
Both are connected to Trakt and are supposed to change the watched status accordingly.

Only the FTP source is in the Library!

Almost always (like 99.99% of my watches) I’m watching at the FTP source at home.

Now, once I watch a TV show episode, it gets marked as watched on the FTP source, but not on Emby. That’s probably Trakt issue, but honestly I don’t even mind, as I look at Emby very rarely.

My Home screen shows the old - just watched eposode as still “unwatched” with source Emby - although Emby is not in the Library?
This applis only to the top row - What’s next.
In the list of TV shows below, all is fine and only FTP source is there. But the top list is wrong and requires manually to mark as watched:


I just watched Ted Lasso S2E1:
Here is what the Home screen looks like:

Top row is showing the episode I just watched - just left (incorrectly) as unwatched in Emby:
2023-03-15_22-07-16 (1)

On Recently Added though - the Library selection is respected - note the orange line that the first episode was watched and when I open, correctly Episode 2 (not 1) is on deck:

2023-03-15_22-08-42 (1)

All screenshots and videos are from the Mac version, but the behaviour is consistent on AppleTV and very annoying. The wrong episodes appear also on the AppleTV’s main screen.

This behaviour is only displayed for the watched (in progress) items, movies TV shows). If something is unwatched, it appears only once - in the correct library. Once I start watching the FTP and Emby sources disengage and the Incorrect one (Emby) is shown in Now watching - I guess as it contain prior episode/time in movie

How I can fix it so library selection is respected on Now Watching?

The Watching section of Infuse’s Up Next list is populated from any titles a viewer accesses through Infuse, whether included in the library or not.

Some users prefer not to include certain categories of content in the library, but still want to track the watched status of those, so Infuse is accommodating that use.


I wasn’t able to locate an existing suggestion thread for the request to hide non-library items from the Up Next list, but I did locate this adjacently related topic.

I understand that someone can use it that way to continue watching items outside the Library fast.
But cannot imagine that that can be the only option.
For me it’s natural the home screen to leave out items that are not in the library.

Thank you for mentioning this thread. It literally has someone asking the question “Could you explain why this is a feature and not a bug? Why would we want something that’s not in our Library staying around in Watching?”.

There is a note to add this as a suggestion, I’ll post one indeed.
I was absolutely sure this was a bug, living with this as a feature makes living with fast home library and slower “remote” emby very annoying.

Done, posted a suggestion.

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