Files not showing up under Home/Library, but show okay under Files

Using Big Sur beta (20E5224a)
Have mapped my NAS using SMB3, and favourited folders where I store my video files.
On the main screen, I can see those folders under left hand menu FILES, and clicking in I can get to the movie files ok.
Home and Library links both say empty and that I need to add favourites - shouldn’t these be populated?
Could this be a Big Sur beta issue? I’m also using Windscribe VPN with ‘allow LAN traffic’ on - could that be causing issues?

You have to make sure that your favorites folders are checked in the library preferences. If I understand well, these checks are specific to each platform: so please make sure that the favorites are checked in the library preferences on your Mac.
Hope that helps :blush:

By ‘Checked’ - do you mean the star is highlighted? If so, that’s already done.
I goto Preferences | Library - shows me the “+ Add favourites” button.
If I click on that I can navigate to my nas and select folders.
My point is, the folders are already selected here and starred and they don’t show up in Library.
Unchecking them and rechecking them is having no effect.

Doing some digging I think I’m getting to the problem…
I connected my nas using UPandP. This seems to allow everything to show up under FILES, but its not allowing the library to populate.
If I try to connect using SMB with a correct logon, its failing every time saying the logon is incorrect.
I use a WDPR2100 and I know they updated the OS to MyCloud5 recently, maybe that’s broken something… though its happily connecting fine to Infuse on iOS and Apple TV.
Any helpful thoughts?

You need to use a different protocol other than UPnP or DLNA to get the full benefit of the library in Infuse.

SMB works well.

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Yup that’s what I figured… but I can’t connect using SMB on Infuse Mac.
SMB Connection on iOS and Apple TV works fine to the same NAS/Share.

What’s keeping you from it? What happens when you enter the info for a new share using SMB?

See my previous response - it says username/password not correct.
I know they are, because they’re working perfectly on Infuse iOS, ATV and my computers.