Files not read on Apple TV 4K - upgrade to pro version required


I am using infuse 6.5.5 (3375) on my appletv 4k for a while. I use it to read mkv from a HDD plugged on my internet box. Everything was fine but for a couple of mkv, when i launch them, the app redirects me to a page for upgrading to infuse pro.

Before I decide to buy the pro version, I would like to understand why some files are read and some aren’t. Main difference I noticed between files is audio format. Files with AAC 7.1 are read, files with TrueHD 7.1 or DD 5.1 are not read.

thanks for your help

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The way I understand it is the free version won’t play the files that require the Dolby codecs and others that Firecore has to pay royalties to use.

Thanks for your answer.

I just got the pro version and it works. You are right it seems to be related with the audio codec.

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Glad it worked for you!

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the features in Infuse.

The lifetime subscription is about the best way to go too!

Yes I think so as well

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