Files not playing


Some of my movies/program avi and mkv files don’t play on the free version of Infuse 5; the pop-up appears and says I should purchase the pro version. But I wanted to make sure, before purchase, that this will be resolved once I’ve made the purchase.

The reason I ask is that other avi and mkv files work fine and the only reason I can think that others don’t work is that they include DTS/Dolby Digital audio. However some of the files seems a little old to include this kind of audio. Could there be another reason? Could I encounter similar problems upon purchase? Can I get a refund if I continue to get problems of this kind?

Many thanks for your help

Some video types do require Pro, though the popup you are seeing in Infuse 5 should offer you a one month free trial option.

Note: Due to a bug in iOS 10.1, you may need to tap the ‘Check Availability’ button to reveal the free trial option.

Perfect! I’ll try it that way and let you know if there are any other issues. I accessed the free trial page as you said and it mentioned it would charge £4.99 per year after the trial. But I see it for £9.99 in the App Store. Is the £9.99 version or outright ownership and £4.99 for annual subscription?


Infuse Pro is available in two ways - as an annual subscription or as a one-time purchase.

The annual subscription option will cover all future updates (even major ones like v6, v7, etc…). The one-time purchase option will cover all v5 updates. The annual subscription is available at a 30% permanent discount for those who upgrade through Dec 11th.

Infuse (annual subscription)

Infuse Pro (one-time fee)

Both versions contain the exact same features, and support iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (4th gen).

Hope this helps!

Great. Thanks again: very impressed with the quick replies.