Files Missing time, type, resolution, and audio type in 5.8.2

Just ran across this. Files that are added to favorites that are not included in the library are not picking up the time duration, video and audio codecs, resolution, and audio channel count. The do get the graphics and metadata for the shows but not the technical info that infuse gathers from the actual file.

The same files added to another share that is included in the library do have all the info.

Once you play or start to play one of the files that doesn’t have the above mentioned info it will populate that info .

This is repeatable on multiple ATVs both 4 and 4K all running tvOS 12 and Infuse 5.8.2

The below pics are after the initial scan finishes and the wheel on the home page shows a round arrow instead of the spinning wheel.

We’ll look into this. Thanks.

Just an update, 5.8.3 didn’t change anything but I did find that if I long press on the season folder and select use local metadata and let it clear it and then go right back and select use online it then gathered the missing data for the files but if I add a new one to that folder it doesn’t get the file info or time. This is a strange one.

Fix coming in 5.8.4.

Thanks for the report! :slight_smile:

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Thank you kind sir! :wink:


One note, since the release of 5.8.4 the symptom has changed a bit. The files added to a folder still do not show the technical metadata when the folder is opened but, they will fetch the tech info when you scroll and highlight each episode that is missing it. Ideally it would fetch all missing tech info for all new files in a folder when opening it so you didn’t have to scroll through and wait for each to populate the info.

Anyone else noticing this behavior?

What type of device are you streaming from?

Some from a WD MyCloud and some from an iMac. Same symptoms for both.