Files inside some folders got deleted

Today as I opened my Infuse the files inside these folders (see attached images) stared disappearing right in front of my eyes!!! Please help me, I CANNOT loose all my shows. it is a lot of money and time.

I don’t believe you are loosing files, it’s more likely that you are seeing metadata artwork being changed due to issues with thetvdb over the last week. Their back working but still having a few issues. As long as you can still navigate to the file and play them you should be fine and the artwork should return.

You can try the edit metadata for one of the episodes in each and see if that brings back the artwork.

Thanks for your reply NC Bullseye but the folders are empty inside. When I navigate inside it says “Empty Folder Move Along Nothing To See Here” and I checked the folders inside my NAS hard drive and the folders are empty!!! My files have been deleted… and by the way, it’s the second time it happens after an infuse update.

Same problem here.