Files hiding after viewing and update installation question

Have been using ATV Flash v4.0.5 for some months with an external Verbatim 1.5TB and all has been OK.

I have started noticing just recently that everything I now watch (whether TV series episode or Movie) deletes from my Media list. However, when I check from my iMac (via Cyberduck), it is still physically there, on disk! Is there a setting that has been changed? Can anyone help?

I have also just downloaded the latest v4.1.2. Do I need to re-install via a flash stick?



The 4.1.2 update can be easily installed through the Maintenance --> Manage Plugins menu without having to reinstalling using a USB drive.

Yes … I was using Sapphire … and I had the view set to ‘unwatched only’. Although I knew about the right-arrow settings, it never occurred to me to try the left-arrow. Obviously I had clicked it by mistake at some time. Thank you for your help.

I will try to install v4.1.2 later, using your suggestion.