Files going in the wrong libraries

I just got an Apple TV 4K and the Pro version of Infuse. On my NAS I have a folder named Puplic and in that folder two folders named Movies and TV Shows.

I added the Public folder to Infuse and all goes well. Most movies and tv shows are sortet to the correct libraries in infuse, but some episodes from the same tv show gets sortet into the movie library and other library.

Instead of adding the Public folder, should I instead add the movie folder and tv show folder to get the files sorted correcty or will that not make a difference?

Often when files fail to be sorted correctly it’s due to the way the file is named. You can see the recommended naming structures here Metadata 101 – Firecore

If you’d like to provide the exact file name of some of the ones giving you problems I’d be happy to see if we can figure it out.