Files from mac to appletv?

i have a macbook pro with leopard and a appletv with the newest software and newest version of atv flash instaled.
Is there any way i can transfere files from my macbook to the appletv without installing any more software on my mac?
I am connecting my mac with my iphone thrue the connect to server in finder, and perhaps there where a similar way to do it?

If you have one of the original Apple TV’s that originally came with the 1.0 software, you will be able to connect to the Apple TV through the Finder.

We have a guide for this at:

I installede and did every step in the smb Guide, because i dont have a version 1 appletv, or so it seems.
But i keep getting a 1060 error, so it still doesn’t work?? i cant get contact to my network HD or my mac computer.

Hope for a quick answer.