Files folder on my ATV

I just installed the last version and I don’t see the “Files” in the ATV menu.

I see the folder and my files when I connect via my FTP client but the “Files” menu doesn’t show up on the ATV.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


If Files was part for Media Cloud or Sapphire, those plugins have not made it back into aTV Flash. Those plugins must still not be compatible with AppleTV 2.2 yet. Once they are compatible and are stable for aTV Flash, they will be implemented. For the time being, you should be able to use the DVD menu and use Files inside there.

Where do I find DVD menu then?


You should see DVD in the AppleTV menu right below Internet and above Jaman. If it is not named that, it is possible it is named nitoTV.

Hmm, Think I’ll need to check the patch stick wats inside there. I do not have Jaman, Nito or DVD. Internet I did not install.


Just recreate the patch with the new options and you can run the new patch over the current one on your AppleTV without needing to restore the AppleTV. :sunglasses:

Great :).
Do I need to install all the apps then?


Yes, just make sure the ones you want are checked when you create the new patch.

Which folder do you copy your files to? I installed everything that was offered in the new version. No matter what folder I put my files in I can’t access them from the DVD menu options. :frowning: