Files don't go in folders

So using infuse pro from my Synology NAS, before it was working perfect and then my Wife did something and she don’t know what, But now when i add a new file in a sub folder it looks like it’s in the root folder, what have she done? i simply can’t figure it out and it’s making go insane… :frowning:

Hoping for someone to help me out here.

Sounds like someone gave their wife a vacuum cleaner for her birthday.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

If you have only one video in a folder Infuse will often automatically flatten it out to the root level of that share.

i have ALOT of files in it, its my folder with series in it, so /folder/folder/season was working perfect until she dit some thing stupid now its all in the root and not in folder where it really is

so minor update… in the folder that isnt working in top left coner there stadn : Local Meta Data but its not there in any other folders why is that?

While you have the problem folder highlighted, press and hold until a menu pops up and select “Use Online Metadata”. (I sounds like it was accidentally changed to “Use Local Metadata”).

hmm… i look at that as soon as i get home :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:

hmm… i look at that as soon as i get home :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile: