Files app integration


I’ve upgraded to 6 and I don’t see Files app integration.

I have icloud on all my devices. I’ve noticed that on both my tvOS and iOS they both show storage being taken up by Metadata (tvOS 2GB and ios 1.11GB). I’m guessing if icloud and files app integration was working properly, device storage wouldn’t be so high correct?

Also to note. In my iOS device infuse 6 is taking up 125mb in iCloud storage.

Anyone have an idea of why this isn’t working properly?

Thank you

Also, shouldn’t I be seeing other cloud services options under shares in tvOS? I don’t see anything.

Files access should only be available in iOS another tvOS. When I add a file in iOS there is an option called “Documents” that opens up the iOS files app.

Sorry for the confusion.

The new iCloud library option allows Infuse to maintain one central library for all your devices. Infuse will still need to cache artwork and other details locally on your device, and this is the storage space you are seeing listed in Infuse.

The Files app integration is available on iOS, but Infuse will only appear in Files if you have at least one local file present in the app. You can move the first file to Infuse via Files by using the ‘Share’ option and selecting Infuse. This seems like a design decision from Apple, which prevents a ton of apps with no files from being listed in Files.

Thank you for your reply. Can it be any type of file? I dropped a txt file, but so far nothing has shown.

Also, Could you also speak to this?

“shouldn’t I be seeing other cloud services options under shares in tvOS? I don’t see anything.”

and one last thing (Sorry for all the questions…). In the app store I see under a movie description “Rate” a movie. Is that only when you have Trakt going? Or is this a new feature I don’t see on mine?

Cloud shares can be used on Apple TV, but the connection will first need to be made on iOS. Once this is done, the details will sync over and be available on Apple TV.

The rate option is limited to Trakt only right now, but we’ll be expanding this to iCloud soon.

I have noticed that if I have a TXT file in the iOS app FILES and I try to open it, it automatically opens in with inFuse Pro. That should not happen. Hope that it can be solved in the next release

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