Filenames with question marks (?) are not identified

I have 3 files in my library with question marks at the end of their file names that are the only three files that aren’t automatically identified by Infuse. Two examples are:

  • Batman The Animated Series s01e41 - If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?.avi
  • Batman The Animated Series s01e45 - What Is Reality?.avi

These are the correct episode names and numbers according to, and there is no local metadata for any of the files (xml or in-file). In Infuse the files are listed as “B4U3TY~6.avi” and “BFEQ46~P.avi” for some reason. Trying to edit the metadata in Infuse doesn’t work, as searching for “Batman The Animated Series” returns no results. Is there something I can do so that Infuse will identify these files correctly? Renaming the files isn’t an option, as Infuse is just one of a handful of media end points, and I’d rather not have to update a number of other places just because Infuse isn’t identifying these few files. Thanks in advance for any help.

I suspect that the problem is that ? (Along with <, >, :, ", /, , |, *) is a reserved character in some file systems/file protocols.

I suspect that you are using SMB to share the files, and the MSDOS FAT 8.3 form for the file name is being used so that it does not contain the reserved character ?

(Do a search on ‘reserved characters in windows file names’)

That may be the problem. However, all that tells me is that Infuse should really stop using SMB as it’s default network file system and move to something that has better file handling - NFS for example. Or at least give us the option to use NFS.

You could try using ftp rather than SMB to see if that handles the filenames correctly for you.