Filenames changes in emby.xxxx

In my Library I have Movies and Tvshows.

Also I have a folder “Cartoons”, since these are a bunch of tvshows and movies in one folder I dont add them to my library but access them in Infuse through Files…( i know its a bit slower but for my kids the best solution)

Once in a while some random filenames changes by itself from example: Bumba to emby647254

Is there a solution? Backend is Jellyfin

Anybody? :slight_smile:

I’ve never used either Emby or Jellyfin, but I’ll take a shot…

How sure are you it’s Infuse (and not Emby or Jellyfin) renaming your files? Have you enabled the file management setting (or tried turning it off)? Are the filenames actually changed on your server when you look directly, or just in the Emby / Jellyfin / Infuse interface? What are you using for a server? Are the files located locally or in the cloud?

Which version of Jellyfin are you running?

Do you have InfuseSync installed on the server? If so, can you check the version number?

Are you running the latest 7.4.10 version of Infuse?

Can you try using the Clear All Metadata option in Infuse > Settings, and allow Infuse to rescan the server?


Infuse on appletv is up2date version 7.4.10. Also InfuseSync is up2date version

Indeed: I also got an error that i dont have a sucscription so I uninstalled and installed Infuse for Appletv again. Hopefully it is now fixed.

But again: Movies and Tvshows are scraped by infuse. Cartoons are not. I acces them through files.