Filenames are used as content names

Hi, long-time Infuse Pro user (almost 10 years).

Infuse 7.4.4271 on iOS 16.1.l and iPadOS 16.1.

Lately, I’m being shown the download names (The.Content.HDRIP-GrOUP.mp4) as opposed to the actual content name (The Content). I see the original filename in the details view, along with a thumbnail scrapped from the file, even though file scraping is turned off as well.

Also the creators metadata is missing. It’s like online metadata isn’t getting scrapped.

Tried, didn’t fix:

  • Show Filenames: disabled
  • Metadata from file: disabled
  • disabling and reenabling online metafata
  • files are properly renamed by Filebot and moved to appropriate folder
  • the Download folder is NOT added as a source
  • “Edit metadata” doesn’t fix this
  • nor does refreshing metadata or scanning for changes

I can’t think of anything else. Any tips? Thanks.

Could you post a screen cap of what you’re seeing on one in Infuse and a screen cap of the file name and folder structure of file on the server?


Is “Metadata Fetching” On/Enabled?

On the Library settings screen has it completed the sync? What message do you have at the top of that screen?

When you did this for an episode of this show did it give you the correct choice in the selection window below the file name?

Is “Embedded Metadata” on in the Infuse settings? If yes then it is probable using the name which is embedded in the file.

Yes it did. I tap it, spinner spins for a while and then nothing happens. I can do a screencap if it helps.

No, it’s off.

Here’s video

How about this?

Maybe try and let it finish the fetching metadata and syncing. First, plug it into the charger then If you go to display and brightness settings and set the auto lock to never (you can set it back to what you want after Infuse finishes the sync) and then go to the Infuse library settings screen then watch the top where it says “fetching content for…” and let it finish unti it says last update…

Then see if you see any change.

Are all the problematic items contained in the same folder? Can you check to see if you have any folders or favorites tagged to use local metadata?

This is a several weeks old issue, finished and re-scanned many times.

I don’t have that option at all for this source.

I DO have it for other sources on the same NAS, for whatever reason. The source is a Synology NAS connected simply via a smb 192.168.x.x address.

Completed and re-scanned many times.

Can you navigate inside the favorite and try it on the folder which holds these shows?

It looks like some sort of iCloud sync glitch. I disabled it temporarily, removed all sources on all my devices and now I’m in the process of slowly re-adding the content. I do have the “Metadata: online” option when long-pressing on the sources now (that was entirely missing before) and Metadata display correctly. I’ll then re-enable iCloud sync and see what happens.

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The iCloud sync doesn’t seem to work anyway, stuck on “Syncing with iCloud” on the main screen for days now. I’ve got 1,5 TB (not GB) free so it’s not a space thing.