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I find it a bit annoying that I don’t see the filename when you search for subtitles trough on Apple TV (gen 4).
Would be a very nice feature and would make my life a little more fun :slight_smile:
Possible to fix that?

Coming in 5.4.3. :wink:

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Great! Not on infuse Pro v4.3.7? :wink:

Unfortunately v4 will not be receiving any future updates. Sorry. :frowning:

So I need to buy it again to get that feature… do you get any discount if you own the v4?

There have been quite a few other things added in the past six months, which you would have access to as well. :wink: More info on what’s new can be found here. Infuse Release Notes | Firecore

Unfortunately we don’t have a way to offer discounts at this time.

I bought the new version :slight_smile: …hope you don’t launch v6 soon and that I have to buy that one too.

When is the new v5 update planed to be launched?

5.4.3 was just approved and is now rolling out on the App Store. :slight_smile:

if you opt for the subscription option then you are entitled to future updates even if they go to v6 or higher (while your subscription is valid). If you go for the other option then you DO have to pay again when v6 comes around.

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