Filename instead of movie name after update

After update from infuse 5 pro to 6 pro some movies show their filenames, minus the type, isted of their titles. I can’t find any pattern as to which files does this and which doesn’t. Show filenames is disabeld and Embedded metadata turned off

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Can you provide an example or two of what you are seeing?

Can you try using the Edit option for these files, to see if you can manually search and find a suitable match?

Hi thanks for the reply, the problem seems to have fixed itself, I don’t know how but now when I edit and rechoose the correct title it changes to the correct title. When I did this before it kept the file title as the movie title, but If I chose a diffrent movie the title would change just fine.
I do have an other problem as well, all seasons of a tv show has the same artwork, unless I change them manually.
I have attached a picture of my folder structure