Filename enhancements/fixes

I’m just wondering if the new update to media player has a better way of detecting file names and folder structures. I love media player as far as how it works natively, but as far as detecting files it’s horrible (sorry but honest opinion). Plex has zero issue with multiple naming structures, 98% of them don’t have to be changed after the initial download. Such is not the case with media player. Just wondering if this has been fixed or if there is plans to fix this in the future.

Would you be able to provide a few more details as to the type of files/folders you’re having trouble with?

With the recent versions, we’ve had very few reported issues with fetching and things are working great with most file naming variations we’ve tested with.

Typically the way my download process works is an episode of a show is automatically downloaded and placed in a show folder. Ie Dexter>Season 2>downloaded file

The most common instance I’ve noticed would be when the downloaded file is contained within its own folder it hasn’t been recognized (in the past). I prefer to not have to adjust any file names or anything as my computer at this point is nothing but an automated download machine.

To be fair I’ve not installed the most recent version.

Thanks. That folder structure should be fine.

Could you provide a few examples of how the files themselves are named? Infuse will support quite a few naming conventions, most of which can be found here.

You may also check to ensure the folders that contain TV shows are marked correctly. More info on setting content types can be found here.

Will test it out and get back to you! Thanks for taking the time to help advise. Also slightly unrelated while I have your attention, on recent firmware is there still a performance issue with Xbmc while media player (infuse now) is installed? I remember lots of people having issues with xbmc chugging while both were installed. Myself included but this was on 5.0.2 with Xbmc 11

We’ve not had any reports of problems, though a few versions back we made a point to bake in a bunch of compatibility code to help Infuse and XBMC get along much better.