File View Error Affecting Just 1 TV Series

So all of my TV Shows are organized in this format: SeriesName/SeasonXX/Episodes, and everything works well for the most part, but lately I have come across an issue that only applies to one particular TV Series (Trailer Park Boys). Let me see if I can explain whats going on…

When browsing in File Mode + Grid Mode, I open the Trailer Park Boys series folder (which has correctly fetched artwork). I am now seeing 7 Season folders (artwork fetching not available). Once I open one of these season folders, I am met with an additional season folder level (this one with correctly fetched artwork). After I open this 2nd level, I can then browse my corresponding season episodes.

So essentially what is happening is that Infuse has created a double layer of Season folders. Here is an example of the filepaths:

/Trailer Park Boys/Season 01/Season 01/season-1-episodes
/Trailer Park Boys/Season 02/Season 02/season-2-episodes
/Trailer Park Boys/Season 03/Season 03/season-3-episodes
…And so on…

FYI: My episode files ARE NAMED CORRECTLY, and even they are fetching the correct metadata. Also, this issue does not occur in Library View, and it only happens when browsing File View with Grid View.

I have included some p0hotos walking you through the process of opening Season 01

What type of device are you streaming from?

Does the correct structure appear when browsing this share through the Add Files screen?

I am streaming from 2 devices:

  • iPad Air 2 (iOS 10.3.3) + Infuse Pro (5.5.3)
  • Apple TV 4 (tvOS 11.0) + Infuse Pro (5.5.3) – issue was also occuring when ATV was on tvOS 10.3.3

The correct folder structure DOES appear when browsing this share through the Add Files screen. I will include the screenshots just so you can confirm.

So just to reiterate, the following applies to both streaming devices:

  • This issue is only occuring while browsing in the (classic) File Browse mode with Grid View turned on.
  • This issue does NOT occur when File Browse has List View on.
  • It does NOT occur at all with Library View.

Is there by any chance any additional files in the directory other than the video files?

I have found that this happens if there are additional files in the season directory that infuse are not expected.

No. Unfortunately, every season folder only has its corresponding episodes under it.

Do your other series have a ‘Specials’ folder? Can you try renaming this to ‘Season 0’ to see if it makes any difference for you?

Yes, many of my other TV Series have a “Specials” folders, but I always make sure to name the episode files using the ‘s00eXX’ format. This appears to work for me in all cases. I will be sure to double check though.

I am doubtful that this may be the issue though, because I have even tried just adding Season 01 & Season 02 by themselves (or 03 & 04, etc.), but it still creates the same problem.

If I had to guess, I have 2 possible culprits in mind…

  1. Maybe 1 or more episode files are not fetching metadata correctly, so it is causing Infuse to think that the main series folder contains: mostly Trailer Park Boys episodes, and 1 or more videos of somehing else.

  2. Most of the Trailer Park Boys “Specials” I have (3 of 4), show up correctly under Specials in TVDb, but they are also listed individually as a Movie or Documentary in TMDb. I will take a

Could either of these be causing the issue…?

For fun, could you try removing the leading zero in the season folder names for one of the affected series?

EG Change ‘Season 01’ to ‘Season 1’, ‘Season 02’ to ‘Season 2’, etc… to see if this makes a difference?

The TV show handling in file view is a bit strict (for performance reasons), and it would be interesting to know if this is the cause or not.

I tried removing all of the zeros from Season folders, but it is still giving the same problem as before. Its weird because this issue never occured for this series, up until about 1-2 months ago.

Hmm, we’ll need to take a look at this to see if we can replicate it here.

Any reason for not using the Library? :wink:

Thanks! Let me know if you figure out a solution. In the mean time, I will continue to tinker…

I actually use both Library View & File View. Library View is great for pretty much all browsing, but there are a few instances (TV Series, Documentaries) where I prefer to browse my actual folders using File View.

File View is also (obviously) the better option for browsing “Other files” that do not have metadata listed in TMDb or TVDb.

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