File transfers


New user here, please excuse my lack of knowledge.

First impression of ATVFlash? Very happy.
The only issue I have at the moment is with file transfers. Painfully slow by sftp/ssh. Streaming with File Sharing? Seems choppy.

I was thinking, if I use an external HD on my ATV as the Primary HD, will I be able to unplug it from the ATV, USB wire it to my MBPro, and transfer files the old fashioned way?

Any recommendations welcome!


Yes. When your hard drive is connected to the MB, simply place any media you wish to view on the AppleTV in the ‘External Media’ folder. Files placed here will be accessible through the nitoTV, Media or Files menus.

Note: Make sure to power-off the AppleTV prior to disconnecting the hard drive.

By “powering off” you probably mean pulling the AC cord from the device, right?


thanks for your help!