File Sort Order When Copying from Server

I fill my iPad by copying from a saved share to my desktop computer. The problem is that when viewing the files on the server there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the sort order. It makes it very difficult to hunt around for the desired episodes I want to copy to the device. Is there a way to change the view so that it shows the sort order by name?

All files follow the convention of Title.S01E01, Title.S01E02, etc.

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Are you saying that you copy files FROM a saved share on your network TO your desktop and the desktop shows the files out of order? What kind of computer are you looking at the files on?

Are you by chance using DLNA as the transfer protocol?

You may also try adjusting the Sort By options. You can quickly switch between title, date, filename, and release date by tapping the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner while browsing your folder(s).

Well, I believe I found the problem. The share I was using was a Plex server that I named Desktop. So, I wasn’t really browsing my PC’s desktop folder natively. I changed to a NAS SMB share that mirrors my desktop and now all files are sorted properly.

To be clear, I was talking about the Add Files function using my network share as the source. I was not talking about browsing the media already on the device.

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Glad the train is back on track!