File Sharing

Has anyone been able to get File Sharing to work?  I have 2 apple TVs and would like to be able to use both of them with one networked HDD but am having no luck.

I have it installed and enabled and can see the appletv when browsing from a laptop on the network. Entering smb:// IP Address with the default password and username in XBMC works. I can see Movies and MediaHD from the aTV2!

It would be nice to be able to add shares to this with sym links or edit an smb share file in etc. maybe?
File sharing seems to disable on reboot. Need to re-enable it in the settings each time.
It does stay running as expected when running XBMC.

So far this is a big Plus, thank you fireCore!

File Sharing actually has 3 different states. Disabled, Enabled, and Auto-Start. Clicking the File Sharing option once after it’s set to Enabled will toggle Auto-Start.

I’ll pass along the sym-link idea…maybe in a future version.