file shares within media player

Hi everyone,


not sure if i am being thick here…


i have just installed atv flask (black) 1.5, and then the updated media player.  I am trying to set up my shares for the player, and i have quite a few of them…however it seems that i can only enter a servername and not to be able to enter a specific share???


server name:nas-01 is the only info i can enter


i would like to be able to create a share pointing to //nas-01/film



this means that when i want to watch a film i have to go to media player, my files, select the server (that i created in media settings) and then keep drilling down until i get to the folder that contains all the files.  Is it not possible when setting up the shares in the settings area to point directly to the share e.g //nas-01/film?




Set up your NAS as described. Once you have this you simply then connect to it via media player to the folder that you want and ‘Save as a Favourite’.

These favourites then show as a menu option under the media player and you can navigate straight to it.


jeez…of course!!  i was being thick.



One remaining thick question for the day…and that’s it…

Are we able to view all our favourites in one list now, or is it still the same where we have to navigate to each favourite?



Not quite sure what you mean but I have all my favorites in one list directly off the media main menu. I have about 10 of them in a row that then navigate to different folders.



yes…i now have the same…a list of favourites.  What i was wondering was whether there was any ability to have one single list of all the contents of those favourites instead of having to go to each each one.

Basically, it always seems that whatever you want to watch, you need to go to the correct folder, or favourite first.  You can’t generate one single list containing ALL contents.





You are right, you currently cannot see ALL contents at once, I know this is already a feature request so we may see it in the future.

This is one that some people want and some dont so needs to be an option if it is ever deployed.

I like having multiple favorites (DVD’s, Kids DVD’s, Sport DVD’s, Music DVD’s, TV Shows etc) so as I can navigate to the right area knowing what I want to watch. I have around 300 individual dvd’s so wouldnt want them all in one category.

A way you could get around it is on your NAS, have them all under one master folder, that way you would see everything.