File position when editing metadata

I have latest version, atv4k, and long time user.
My problem is when in favourites, long press to edit metadata, when edit completes, the curser doesn’t return to file just edited. It appears approx 8 files above. Then I have to curser down to confirm metadata was updated.
If I long press and change watched or unwatched, or choose to rate the file, the curser returns to the correct file I was working on.
Since metadata disappearIng is an ongoing issue, I’m learning to accept that, my issue is when curser not returning to correct file causes extra work.
The problem seems to be after returning from movie database, it doesn’t return to the file selected.

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If your file title is being change, then the file itself may have moved in the grid view. Does that match up with what you’re seeing?

No, the file title is not changing. I understand that part.
After further testing it seems when infuse finishes the metadata update it returns to the top file on the screen. If I am scrolling through the list it means I’m at the bottom of the screen.
I also tested by using the first 5 files In favourites folder and when I updated the metadata on each file, infuse always returned to the first file on the screen.

I’ll chime in here since I’ve gotten used to this too.

When you do an edit metadata in list view as soon as you select the option you want for which show it will jump back to the list screen but not to the one you just edited. It goes to the one that was on the top of the screen you picked from. I believe this is because for that moment that you return to the list the show you were on doesn’t exist since you have dumped the metadata and it is refreshing. Once it refreshes you can scroll back to it fine. It all happens in less than a second. Any time you do an edit metadata in list view it will do this. This is when you are in a share, but I think it does the same in a library view too.

James if you want, I could do a quick video to show you what we’re seeing if you can’t duplicate it.

Same here, same problem. The focus switches to a file some items above the one I just edited. The filename does not change, I’m using the filename view option.

Maybe the internal movie name changes and that causes the focus to switch? I don’t know, but I think this is definitely a bug.

Looking into this. Thanks.

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