File organization

I have my films organized like this

/time capsule/Films/Name of movie/movie.mkv

“Films” folder fetches metadata and every film shows its cover properly.


The thing is with my Tv Series folder…

I have Tv seriers organized like this

/time capsule/Tv series/Name of Series/Season 1/sxxexx.mkv and lots of mkv files on each folder.


The metadata in this case does work once i enter the folder, but it never shows the cover of the series on “Tv Series” folder, where i see every name of each show. 

In some other cases, where i have only one season i have it organized it like this: /time capsule/Tv series/Name of series/episodex.mkv and it still doesn t show the cover of each show. 


What’s wrong?? On the movies cover didn t show until in one of the last updates firecore corrected the problem.



someone?? please??

Unfortunately if you want covers for TV shows and season folders you currently have to do all the hard work yourself … Metadata and cover art is only fetched for the actual tv episodes.

If you go to and find your TV series you can save a cover poster as folder.jpg in your TV series folder. Then select each season on in turn and save the season specific cover as folder.jpg in your TV season folder…

Just realised I misread your post and answered the wring question.

TV series fetching works for me but in my case the actual episodes are named using the form '‘tv show S01E01 episode name’

Thanks for your answer. It does fetch metadata of each episode, but it doesn’t put any cover on the folder of each tv show, where i see all the names of tv shows. So i see the folder of each tv show without cover, once i enter each folder, i see the right cover for each episode.

On the other side, when i enter my movies folder, i can see every movie with it s cover properly. 


2 examples of how i see tv shows. Shouldn t i see covers?? On the 2nd picture there i show that metadata is correctly fetched, but the cover never appears.


Thanks all

As mentioned in my first reply, this is expected for Tv folders and you need to manually go and get and save the cover art yourself into files called folder.jpg.

It is a bit of work but does make the TV show folders looks much better.

Expected for now…but will bet exponentially better soon.  :wink:

I ve done the folder.jpg thing and it worked just fine. Thank you.


One last thing, why when you have only one episode in a folder the cover doesn’t show still when there is a folder.jpg file in it??



but what about his second pictures? it displays thumbnails of the show… how do you get covert art for individual video files?