File navigation

Infuse has quite a peculiar file navigation interface.

While on iOS VLC Player and nPlayer I can navigate through the files by seeing the folder names and file names, on Infuse there are multiple viewing options, but none of them are a regular file navigation interface, except for the +Add Files.

The viewing selection doesn’t allow me to see all the viewing options.
Currently Infuse’s viewing options are:

  • Sort by Date
  • Sort by Release Date
  • Sort by Title
  • Sort by Filename

There’s no panoramic view of all the sorting options like nPlayer has.
On nPlayer, you tap the 3 dots […] > View > Sort by > Name | Extension | Size | Date | Random
You can see all options panoramically.

With Infuse’s interface, the only way to navigate through the 4 viewing options above is by selecting each one.
For some reason, none of them produces the view that I want, which is to sort the folders & files by the most recent.
Plus, Infuse is the only player app (in comparison to: VLC, nPlayer, PlayerXtreme) that doesn’t have a search-as-you-type filter to locally search in the current folder level for folders of files.
nPlayer for example even has search-as-you-type filter for Google Drive, which works better than the Google Drive’s own web interface on a PC.

One of Infuse’s view produces a mix of files that are inside folders with folders which is quite confusing.
Even if I select Sort by Title or Sort by Filename, it just doesn’t show a regular folder navigation like the +Add Files.

One way on Infuse to produce a file navigation is by going to the +Add Files options.
However, going via this option, I can’t download subtitles from Open Subtitles because this +Add Files view doesn’t have metadata, which is needed to search subtitles on Open Subtitles.

I find Infuse to be the most reliable player amongst iOS VLC, nPlayer and PlayerXtreme, however it’s only Infuse’s file navigation interface that’s a significant drawback.

On nPlayer I love how the file extensions are shown in yellow.
And when you tap on a video file, it firstly shows the metadata, it doesn’t start playing right away.

REQUESTS / IDEAS for Infuse:

  1. Allow for file navigation to see folders & files, as currently it is on the +Add Files interface, but tied up to metadata, to allow subtitles download from Open Subtitles. Try to have Infuse file navigation to look & function similarly to nPlayer’s. I especially like to sort the folders by most recent.
  2. Allow user to panoramically see all the file viewing options, as the aforementioned interface for nPlayer, and add the same sorting option as on nPlayer
  3. Implement local folder level search-as-you-type filter in all file viewing interfaces: the Files interface, the +Add Files Interface, cloud drives