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What is the best way to name .mkv files so that Infuse correctly recognises them?

For movies it might be a directors cut, or 4K, or part one etc.

I have movies and TV shows. I assume for tv shows I make a folder on my NAS called for example Game of Thrones. Then in that folder I place each episode. But what is best way to name each episode?

Hope that all makes sense.


This users guide should get you where you want to go.

This is the basic name and file structure that will give you the best results for
TV shows.
TV Show Name and structure
Just replace “TEST TV Show” with your actual show name.

Brilliant that’s exactly what I wanted to know.

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Not listed, but often recommended, is to include the release year (per TMDB) in both movie and tv series folder names and filenames (after the title, before the episode ID in TV episodes).

For a TV series, that will be the release year of the pilot or first episode of the first season of the series for every file — not the release year of each individual episode.

This provides another data-point to TMDB when requesting metadata matches and helps improve accuracy when multiple movies or television series have the same or similar names.

TEST TV Show (2023)
     Season 01
          TEST TV Show (2023) S01E01.mkv

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